Subconscious Depth


Through his Theory of Forms, Plato described the mind and the body are two entities that belong to separate categories of existence. He defined the mind as immaterial and as the essence of that which is physical, and the body as a category of the latter, as it is composed of matter and bound by the laws of physics.
The purpose of ‘Subconscious Depths’ is to invite the public to question said hypothesis, by providing them with insight to the world in which the exact point of integration and interaction between these two entities exists (the mind specifically represented by the human subconscious).
This is done through the lens of a new form of psychological treatment, primarily based on immersive therapy. The central role of an immersion is to treat a variety of anxiety-related disorders, with a primary focus on phobias. The new method of therapy allows for a similar experience, to allow users to visualize their inner minds and eventually come to face the shadows of themselves.


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