Restitution Of A Glacier

In a post-abundant Austria, natural entities have gained the status of a legal person. According to the „Declaration of Rights for Natural Entities”, issued by a future Austrian government, certain entities are entitled to certain rights, including the right to bring proceedings in front of court of law. The case exhibited tells the story of a melting glacier, which – represented by its guardian – claims restitution through civil forces in the form of a physical rebuilding. This Sisyphean task is expected to last for multiple generations, as an attempt to re-establish the injured entity’s dignity. Visitors to the installation will experience an atmospheric soundscape featuring cracking sounds of a glacier occasionally disrupted by the noise of a siren. Reacting to this alarm, life-sized figures fulfilling their compensatory civil service – spraying water to replenish the melting glacier – are projected onto the translucent face of a monumental ice-like structure.


Project Process

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