Illegal Rain

Illegal Rain, tells the story of a farmers family, who are using self made drones to hack clouds to water their fields. Permanent draughts and heatwaves made drinking water almost vanish completely. Therefore the government took the monopoly over rainwater and startet to control rainfall.

By entering the installation, you find yourself in the Stube of a farmer’s home. It feels like the people who live and work here have just left, leaving the visitor with a table full of scattered tools, mysterious notes and a disassembled drone. The corner bench stands half open – inside lay books, chemicals and safety equipments. Standing by the installation, you can hear a radio report on the actions of countryside residents illegally manipulating clouds and precipitation. Family pictures on the wall remind of former times. Through the windows, you notice two different situations – rainfall in one and in the other drones flying around, spraying Silver Iodide into the clouds to trigger illegal rain.

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