Counting Drops


On an average, one person is accountable for the water consumption / waste of 130 Litres every day. Whilst we take the endless flow of this liquid resource for granted without giving it any thought, scientists warn of severe droughts, floods and a general unpredictability of weather and climate related consequences. 

Industry and Agriculture are the major consumers of water which in many cases lead to devastating consequences for nature and humans. Nonetheless, I believe it is important to prepare ourselves to learn to live with water scarcities as such scenarios are likely to become more frequent, and we need to value water as the precious resource that it actually is. 

My project “Counting Drops“ set about doing exactly that. I set myself a series of gruelling missions to cut down my own personal water consumption from 130 litres / day to just 1.5 litres / day. Along the way I design g extreme hacks that challenge social and psychological norms, and draw attention to our current lifestyles of access and abundance.

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