The Farmers Odyssey


“The Farmers Odyssey” is a shadow play about obstacles Austrian farmers have to face in our current food cycle. The protagonist is a regular carrot farmer, who wakes up in a dream as that vegetable himself. On the odyssey of the carrot to the supermarket, the farmer encounters creatures, each representing one of the problems farmers experience when bringing their products on the market. In the end, the farmer finds himself in the supermarket, beside an imported carrot from far, far away. Its up to the customer if the farmer gets picked or not, if the dream ends on a good note or as a nightmare.

After talking with two Austrian farmers, the play originated to showcase their difficulties to adults and customers in general. The guiding motive are the words “how else should it be in these modern times?” Because the play doesn’t provide a solution to the situation, but should rather animate people to think themselves.


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