SoftWear — Prêt-à-Montrer


SoftWear is the world’s first AI generated digital fashion collection that you can wear as a series of instagram filters. Our unique collection is generated by a bespoke AI, who researches latest trends in the fashion industry from millions of reliable data sources. It then creates hybridised fashion by blending global trends with the marvels of nature. Our first collection is dedicated to the jellyfish, because of its unique ability to adapt to harsh, rapidly changing environments. Would embodying such hybridized, digital fashion inspire us to become more resilient and adaptive?
Designed for the ecologically conscious consumer, SoftWear defies the endless cycle of fast fashion and inspires everyone to consider fashion that is more sustainable and produces less waste..
Become a fashion icon! Win over friends! Try SoftWear today!

You can also find this project on our AI Snake Oil Trade Show Microsite

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