Shedding Skin 


The norms, expectations and ideas put upon us by society and also ourselves build up like a heavy shell around us. As we take steps in our personal growth, the shell no longer suffices. Who we are and who we want to be become different things, splitting ourselves internally. The discrepancy inside builds up and finally we break free from whatever is holding us back, stepping out of our comfort zone and embracing our unfiltered identity.
ith this object the transition of the constricted body to one that is free and nonconforming is shown. A free, flowing, delicate and fluctuating body evolves in a lifelong process of learning and healing. An internal metamorphosis that is displayed on the outside by a garment, that transforms itself from a constrictive, drab shell into a free and flowing gown. The dramatic change in colour, shape and appearance happens through a confident gesture, pulling actual weight off your chest. Embracing your identity and finding confidence in your body plays a big part in the lives of queer people especially.


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