The Audiomat is an AI-driven radio that autonomously broadcasts its own algorithmically generated music, news and stories.
Audiomat offers our listeners three unique channels which can be switched by using the simple dial on the radio. Dial into the Breaking News Channel for the latest news, generated by cross-checking and verifying numerous authentic sources, unlike human clickbait journalism.  And if news is not your jam, tune into our Story channel, which features cutting edge fiction, generated by sourcing not just an author’s works but also their thoughts. And last but not least, is the most loved Music Channel, where we share live, A.I.-generated music!
Thanks to our A.I.’s algorithmic capabilities, Audiomat’s content is constantly updated, and therefore, always unique.
Every news report, story or music you are listening to, has never ever been heard before.

You can also find this project on our AI Snake Oil Trade Show Microsite

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