A.I. Oracle


Why Of All Things is a service that aims to assist with answering complex questions based on divination techniques and methods of Artificial Intelligence research.
Contrary to popular belief, both divination and A.I. can be viewed as Information technology, helping externalize thoughts and approaching complex topics from new angles. Several traditions of fortune telling do not presume a fixed state of the universe, instead a set of symbolic objects is used to map out a question within its context with the goal of finding new patterns in the resulting network.
Rather than asking them to predict the future, methods of A.I. can be used to broaden the human conception of a possibility space with their unique sensibilities, breaking limiting thought patterns with their decidedly non-human input. At the same time, any system of artificial Intelligence is limited to the data it is given and might run the risk of reproducing past futures.








You can also find this project on our AI Snake Oil Trade Show Microsite https://aisnakeoil.designinvestigations.at/

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