Fashion Therapy

2023 SS

“Fashion Therapy”, is a project that critiques fast fashions and reimagines an alternate relationship with clothing and materiality.

In her research Sophie discovered how high energy consumption in mass production, non-transparent supply chains and a throwaway culture, are worsening the problems associated with fast fashion.

Digging deeper into her research and doing field visits foregrounded the potential of European linen as a sustainable alternative. She acquainted herself with the process of growing and making the fabric through meetings and conversations with the craftspeople, which inspired her to make her own garment from scratch. Dedicating over 60 hours to cleaning the material and then handweaving it, she handmade a dress from Austrian flax fibers – a first step to her own learning towards slow fashion.

In this process Sophie kept detailed logs of her data – one particular fact that stuck with her is how her own total supply chain of 295 km was just 0.9% as long as the estimated supply chain of a fast fashion cotton item. This personal connection made her appreciate the value of long lasting clothing even more.

Sophie advocates the process of Fashion therapy as the first step in restoring your relationship with the clothes and yourself.

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