Waldeinsamkeit 2.0


‘Waldeinsamkeit’ is a German term describing the feeling of connectedness with a forest and the comfort and spiritual fulfilment of being alone in the forest.
Looking at the current statistics of soil sealing in Austria the project asks the question what would happen if we kept these numbers up. How would people in an endless city try to emulate the experience of Waldeinsamkeit? Furthermore, it explores the change of the human’s relationship to nature within this scenario.
The tools, a vest to curate and archive the smells of nature, and the grounding shoes, shoes with earth filled soles, are this project’s interpretation on how the future is trying to reconnect to a nature and a past they can only speculate about.
This project intends to be a starting point for asking questions not only about the future but the present and how the consequences of our actions are the fundament of said future.

eget ante. libero id, mi, Praesent