Preparing for tomorrow

2022 WS

“Preparing for tomorrow” is a project that uses the everyday concept of a morning routine and its associated products to give an insight into possible futures.

Narratives of certain futures have become a major marketing tool. Especially western capitalist future visions present themselves in a desireable way, while only representing a slim part of society.

Negative visions are only presented as transitionary periods, since no decrease in living standard is acceptable. A given vision presents itself as the sole truth, relying on a belief in theoretical technological advancements to fill narrative gaps. There is no need for criticism since as soon a centain point of desire is reached, the capitalistic nature will solve itself and inequalities will become nonexistent, allowing humanity to continue at this point of desire in perpetuity. When such futures arrive into our lives, they are sometimes faulty, often underwhelming.

“Preparing for tomorrow” uses the mundane concept of a morning routine and it’s accompanying products to give a glimpse into possible futures.

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