Interspecies Play


‘Interspecies Play’ is a project which entertains multiple ideas on further developing a playful relationship between urban animals and humans, without humans always steering the ship.
Can we have multispecies playgrounds in cities?
Wild animals are adapting to the environmental destruction by migrating to cities. Inspired by this, the project ‘Interspecies Play’ explores the relationship between humans and urban wilds. The adventure begins with the idea of a multispecies playground, a public space for different species to have fun and interact with each other as much as they want to. With this in mind, we started the process of building, experimenting and asking urban wilds for feedback. They were ruthlessly honest and this interaction was truly fascinating.
Humans sometimes act like we are the only actors in a society, that is because we are always making the decision. Can we leave some decisions to animals? Can this form new relationships and ways to behave that we haven’t seen yet? Urban wilds are already part of society and engaging with them can be fun. We hope for our project to become one step in the movement towards an inclusive multi-species society, where more and more people enjoy interspecies play.
You just wait till they come


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