Eating Death


This project showcases a ritualistic tasting experience of potent botanical and fungal toxins and seeks to confront our own mortality with the powers of nature. Asking why we strive for immortality and reminding us that nothing will last forever, the ritual marks a moment of reflection in one´s life and explores new ecological more-than-human relationships.

“Eating Death” comprises four categories of toxins which are the following: berries, blossoms, nuts & seeds, and fungi. Knowing that every single apricot kernel contains the potent toxin, every leaf of a blossom the poison, we take one step closer to death.
This project seeks to reframe our perception about nature and its powers in relation to us and our own mortality by challenging our current attempt of overpowering nature. “Eating Death” and knowing about the real risks and powers of nature, the idea of respect becomes a very physical experience.


The Single-Kernel-Oil Press squeezes nuts and seeds into a drop of oil, which falls onto a small silver tool for consumption.


A single, beautiful flower is placed in the mould, turning into a mesmerizing poisonous lollipop after adding hot sugar.


The berry is being squished into juice which is being collected in a small pool and picked up with a pipette for tasting.


Biting out a small piece of the mushroom, this tool then functions as a small frying pan when placed over the candle.


libero ut luctus at fringilla massa