2022 WS

This is “Slow down with EASE”, the semester project by Florian Sapp, Dagmar Hujibers, Maja Eugenie Meland and Nicole Schadensteiner which we are very excited to share with you.

In our very efficiency driven society, doing something meaningless is often immediately seen as a waste of time. Even if you do it as a leisure activity. But especially doing nothing productive and taking your time for mundane activities makes you observe your environment more carefully, relaxes you and can spark creativity.

”Slow down with EASE” was created as an hypothetical brand in order to question whether it is possible to “salvage” this time, which is otherwise seen as a “waste of time”, by giving those activities some personal value. Three advertisements where made, showcasing different objects, selling you the idea of salvaging time.

“Slow down with EASE” was inspired by teleshopping commercials, which often sell useless products, that make everything faster, but in contrast to this, the project does the exact opposite: A set of cutlery forcing you to eat slower and more careful, a walking band, reducing your walking speed and giving you more time to observe and a scarf giving you a break with less distraction.


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