Domestic Machines

2022 WS

“Domestic Machines” explores a future in which cooking transcends gender norms, hustle culture and mass production. By utilizing the carcasses of mass consumption, our cooking objects assist people to cook together.

Currently, women cook, clean, and take care of family members without recognition or payment like machines -domestic machines. At the same time, society expects the “emancipated” woman to have a career and look marvelous. To satisfy these norms, capitalism overthrows the “modern” woman with a variety of kitchen appliances and wellness products from egg cookers to home trainers.

Overcoming the current circumstances, “Domestic Machines” imagines a future molded by communal cooking and living. Built out of the remains of discarded exercise equipment like home trainers and massage rolls (like champagne bottles, home trainers and massage rolls), our objects lead people to communicate and coordinate, therefore fostering communal cooking. By mixing and kneading, our objects unite flower and water, individuals and objects, cooking and exercise.


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