The ‚Da-Nach-Da‘ Project


Children will shape our future and are also destined to encounter enormous political as well as climate related challenges. Their knowledge and awareness of these important topics will strongly impact their ability to face and handle these challenges. The ‘Da-Nach-Da’ project is designed to educate the next generation and prepare them to face the challenge of climate change. The educative and interactive material for the 3rd and 4th class in primary school, enables children not only to understand the connections between their daily routine and climate change, but also to explore and experience it visually, physically and cognitively. Through the usage of other disciplines such as math, writing and reading, children are able to stay concentrated and learn about climate change from various perspectives. Thus encouraging reflective thinking, imagination and active participation. The model itself consists of elements inspired by the Rube Goldberg machine and is interactive and flexible, enabling the instructor to create various chapter like stories.

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