Clay City


The project ‘Clay City’ explores a speculative future on how to deal with the rising temperatures due to climate change.
ach year the city climate rises to a point where life becomes comfortless. What is our solution to this? We install air conditioning wherever we can to cope with the rising temperatures.
Looking into the past, we find traditional ways of cooling that help solve today’s problems in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible way. One of them is ceramics. The porous properties of ceramics create a passive cooling effect by evaporating water.
This project speculates what Vienna could look like in the near future:
What would people wear?
How would we behave during the day if the temperatures rise higher and higher?
How would we modify our living space to cope with the rising temperatures?
And what would the public space look like if we were to use ceramics as one of the main ways to cool our city.

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