Studio Design Investigations is the name we give ourselves, as it is more fitting to the philosophy and outputs of our course. However, whilst the process is under way, we are officially still called Industrial Design 2 (ID2) by the Angewandte, and admission process remains the same. 

– We welcome prospective students from all over the world to  have to take an entrance exam
– All applicants will need to have Matura(A), Abitur (D), A-level (UK) or equivalent
– Whilst our Studio is taught in English, students will need to either know German or learn the language in the first year of as courses outside of our Studio are taught in German. The University has provisions for students to learn German.
– Every year, the dates to hand in portfolios is in the end of February at the ID2 Office in the Main Campus of the University.
– The Entrance Exam in the Studio takes place at the end of February for three days, during which applicants will work on several different tasks in the field of design.


Design your robot companion and bring it as part of your portfolio!
Your proposal should be an interesting interpretation of this topic, looking at the human-machine relationship. We can’t wait to see your ideas!


Please bring your portfolio between 25.- 26. Feb 2019 daily from 10:00 – 14:00. There will be a pre-screening on the basis of the portfolios. Your portfolio should represent yourself, your talents and the way you think and work. Make a design-specific portfolio that reflects your skills, interests and experience.


Within the following three days (27. Feb – 1. Mar 2019 daily between 10:00 – 18:00) candidates will have to work on several different tasks in the field of design: e.g. modeling of a “natural” object, ideation skills in small teams and also a quick design task of an everyday object (hardware and/or software). Additionally, personal interviews will be conducted to determine personal motivation and educational background, cultural and conceptual talents as well as communicational skills. We then will select our future students on the 3rd day.